Cody Jackson
Cody Jackson ID


b. 1986, HK.

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Work Experience :

Bang Zoom Design

J&J Medical Devices

Spin Master Toys

Hamilton Caseworks Solutions



UCID17-IDSA Award-1st Place


About Me

I’ve always loved drawing, designing, and creating new things. As a child, I would take things apart from around the house, drawing up blueprints for "secret inventions" and often trying to make them. High school gave me my first real glimpse into the design world. I loved the hands-on experience of wood shop, metal shop and art class, where I was able to express my creative drive.

After graduation I enrolled in DAAP. While there, I learned a lot about making meaningful, user-centered products and creating beautiful designs. One of my favorite projects was a full-scale, 13ft boat that I built in my living room (to the dismay of my landlord) and was able to test on the water.

Since graduation, I have enjoyed contributing my thinking and skills toward creating meaningful tools and products at work. Without question, my favorite design work involves enriching the lives of others. I’m excited to continue learning and honing my skills as a designer throughout my career.